Denise DePaola, CPA

Chief Executive Officer

Denise DePaola is breaking “the rules” of the industry by being so generous with her clients and employees – and it’s working wonderfully! She is keeping the Golden Rule, and that makes all the difference. With 20 + years of extensive experience in public accounting, alternative investment/financial services, fund administration, and business development she has been recognized as “Game Changer of the Year” by ACQ Global Awards in 2015. Typically she works with investment managers who wouldn’t be getting the attention they deserve from a big named administrator.
My Mission:
When my former business partner retired and turned the entire business over to me in 2014, my vision was to utilize my nurturing female intuition in a male dominated industry, by combining extreme customer service with cutting edge technology to help our clients succeed while exceeding their expectations for accounting and administrative services. I believe in hiring the best people and treating them like family. We have no staff turnover so our fund managers get the benefit of working with seasoned professionals who will go the extra mile whether their fund is large or small. I am always looking for ways to help my clients grow their businesses. For example, when some of our clients needed investors, we started sponsoring conferences so that they would be allowed to present their funds at no cost to them. My work is very fulfilling. I love getting out of bed in the morning and coming to the office! It’s so rewarding to make a real difference in the lives of our fund managers and my team.
After college, I worked in a small accounting firm followed by a large firm, Marcum LLP, where I was promoted to manager. When the firm had their first big hedge fund client, I embraced the challenge and ran with it. The work was so interesting that we took on more clients and grew the hedge fund division from 3 employees to 40. This led to becoming the Controller of 21 partnerships at M.D. Sass, a 6 billion dollar asset manager, and later, a partner at Fundadministration in 2005.

Other things to know about Denise:
  • Is the Captain of a 390 SeaRay Sundancer “Bay B Girl”
  • Is an avid fisherman (largest catch 150 lb sail fish)
  • Loves live music. Attends a variety of concerts with her family.
  • Has held memberships in NYSSCPA and AICPA
  • Graduated from CUNY Queens College. Attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Wroxton College, Oxfordshire, England.

Nick Neri

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer at Fundadministration and 20+ years of industry experience, I enjoy the various parts of my work in both operations and client care. I am responsible for the overall planning and execution of the company’s operations, product development, technology and business development strategies.

Denise and I share a vision of being different by creating a partnership with our clients and becoming an extension of their company. We have a real stake in our client’s success. I have set up a score of internal and external controls in order to ensure the utmost compliance, excellent technologies to provide the highest level of client care.

Customizing our approach to give each client what they need is most enjoyable. For some busy clients, it’s a fifteen minute streamlined conversation to update their status. Others appreciate more time and help with their challenges. We give guidance in many areas to ensure that their fund grows successfully and that we grow with them.

I am proud of our sophisticated technology. We have a fully integrated platform where we can handle the front, middle, and back office functions for our clients in a single system. As a result, we can turn things around pretty quickly.

Part of my responsibility to continuously develop our seasoned, professional team members so that they can give great service to our clients. A great working environment brings out the best in everyone and is a win/win all around. I’m proud to say, so much so that there is virtually no staff turnover.

I can see the trickledown effect of how good business affects the lives of our clients, their investors, and their families. It makes my work meaningful and satisfying.


People and finances have always been a passion of mine. In high school, I would get home from football practice and check the market to see how my stocks were doing. After college, I became a team leader at the world’s largest wireless company by learning the business from the ground up. Later on, I became a regional manager at Starbucks where I was responsible for driving profitability, operations and the development of a 400 person team.

Other things to know about Nick:
  • Got his Series 7 license shortly after college
  • Has 20+ years of financial experience
  • Is a Graduate of Southern State Connecticut University with a degree in Business/Finance
  • Avid sports fan. Enjoys skiing, golfing and boating
  • Dedicated family man

Mike Nolan

Chief Financial Officer

I started my career at European American Bank (EAB) and worked my way up to managing one of their call centers. After Citibank acquired EAB, I became a call center manager at Chase and later a branch manager at Bank of New York. This allowed me to be exposed to a wide variety of clients and issues. I honed my client communication skills with these experiences. I’ve been at Fundadministration since and I handle everything for my client base in terms of fund accounting, cash management, bill paying, and communicating with investors. I get involved in all aspects of operations of a fund, which keeps my work interesting. I enjoy being the main contact for my clients. They know that when they call, they will get me on the phone, get their questions answered quickly, and have their tasks completed accurately and on time. Clients often say that when they were with other firms, their fund did not get the attention they needed. We treat each person as a VIP, this encourages them to have long relationships with us and refer business. Improving processes for our clients is important to me. For example, if a client that came to us from another administration firm was not getting their reports until the last week of the month, I will prioritize their account to the first or second week of the month to make them happy and provide a better overall experience. Being part of the team at Fundadministration and growing the business has been awesome. We are not only invested in the success of our clients but are also accountable to the person working next to us. When there is something to be dealt with, we all pitch in and get involved in the resolution. It makes for a rare and excellent working environment.

Other things to know about Mike:
  • Over 22 years in financial services altogether
  • Over 11 years managerial experience
  • Graduate of Binghamton University
  • Enjoys time with family outside of work (although most of it is in the car)
  • Avid sports fan, especially baseball

Kittie Kwan

Managing Director

Before I came to Fundadministration, I worked at Bank of New York, Smith Barney and then M.D. Sass where I worked my way up to a Vice President position. When Fundadministration opened an office close to my home, I was happy to come on board and save hours of commuting time every day. What I didn’t realize then was how much I would love working in this great environment. My work consists of accounting and administration work for hedge funds. Having done this type of work since 1994, I know most of the ins and outs of the business and feel very comfortable taking on challenges. Our clients have a variety of types of investments which keep my work interesting. I enjoy seeing our fund managers succeed and helping them every step of the way. We have long relationships because they know we genuinely care about their success and will go the extra mile to help succeed. Our company believes in having close connections with our fund managers, cutting-edge technology, and working well with each other. If I need some information for a client, I just stop in the next office, get my question answered and get back to the client quickly. That sounds simple but yet it’s really different from how most companies operate and it’s one of the many things that sets Fundadministration apart. The cooperation goes beyond the office too. When I had no power after Hurricane Sandy, my colleagues took me to the store to buy a generator and installed it for me. It’s great going to work every day with people who really care about each other and the clients we serve.

Other things to know about Kittie:
  • Experience in financial services, mutual fund and hedge fund accounting and administration since 1994
  • Originally from Hong Kong and is fluent in English and Cantonese
  • Graduated from Baruch College with a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude
  • Enjoys spending time with family and volunteering at church, a nursing home and a soup kitchen
  • Loves music and knitting

Alex Mannarino

Senior Operations Manager - Trading

I have always enjoyed problem solving and working with numbers. I started my career at JP Morgan after college as a trading assistant for the emerging markets fixed income desk. When the opportunity arose to work at Fundadministration, I came on board because I wanted a work environment where I could take more time with clients giving them the care that they need. My responsibility is working on the trading support side, reconciling client accounts to bank statements, entering trades, matching them out, and developing profit and loss statements. I take pride in providing a product consistently and accurately to our clients. Having been on the other side of the trading desk, I understand the pressure clients are under and know how to handle the flow. On days when they have an unusually high number of trades, I can still get their numbers delivered accurately and on time so that they know where they stand. My colleagues and I have worked together for many years and have a lot in common. We share a high level of knowledge about the products. Everyone takes pride in their work and the fund managers love working with us. It is great being a part of the Fundadministration team.

Other things to know about Alex:
  • Graduated from SUNY Binghamton in 1999 with a BA in Economics
  • Loves raising his family
  • Enjoys sports, reading and binge watching TV dramas on Netflix

James Mead

Head of Compliance

I worked my way up to Chief Underwriter and Regional Operations Manager in the mortgage industry. The work was fulfilling because I could help people with important transactions like buying their first homes or refinancing. The downside was that the commute was 3 hours and the work days were extremely long which kept me away from my family. I joined Fundadministration knowing that if I needed to leave for my child’s doctor appointment, I could come in extra early, get my work finished, and check my email again when I got home. Here, we all value hard work and dedication to family, understanding that they are not mutually exclusive, and it brings out the best in us when we have both. I’ve been here since 2007 and not only do I love my job and the people here, but the peace of mind has been truly priceless. My early training helped me develop the skill of paying extremely close attention to financial details, making sure that “the t’s are crossed” and the “i’s are dotted”. I am in charge of keeping us current with regulations and being the point person when questions arise about compliance for my peers, our clients, and their investors. One of the things I like most about my work is being able to develop long relationships with our clients. When I finally met one of them in person after 8 years of talking on the phone, it was like two lost brothers reuniting! We become the “right hand” person to our fund managers. They know that they are getting spot on, timely information and that enables them to completely focus on running their fund. They really appreciate us and that makes the work rewarding.

Other things to know about Jim:
  • Graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a degree in Business
  • 12 years of experience in the Mortgage Banking and Finance industry
  • Serves on the Little League Board
  • Volunteers for Special Olympics, has a son with autism
  • Loves baseball and fishing

Andy MacDonald

Director of Cash Management

I started out my career at Merrill Lynch on the trading desk for unit investment trusts. Later on, I became an operation specialist with IFMG Securities, Inc. a broker dealer for banks throughout the country. When the company was purchased in 2008, I went to work for Fundadministration. I have been very happy here ever since. My main responsibilities are to help and support our clients in the offshore FX broker dealer market by providing cash management services and overseeing all outgoing payments for our fund managers. I enjoy interacting with my clients and forming great relationships. I go above and beyond to do whatever I can to meet our client’s needs. It’s satisfying to make sure that everything is done accurately and in a timely manner. Fundadministration has the highest standards for providing excellent work and I’m proud to be a part of it. One of the things that I like most about my work is seeing our clients grow and exceed. It makes my work worthwhile and rewarding. Being part of a close team of people who pull together to help each other out is just another reason I love what I do. It is common policy to drop whatever you are doing if a client or team member needs information. In this way, we can provide a faster turnaround for our clients which they really appreciate.

Other things about Andy:
  • Has been working in the Financial Services industry since 2001
  • Graduate of Colorado State University, B.S. in Business Administration/Finance
  • Held a FINRA Series 7 license
  • Enjoys time with family and friends sharing great food, music, and stories
  • Has a Border Terrier named Crimson